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name anh van luu
sex female
birthday 8/23/92


Why 'The Baseball Mitt'? This idea was inspired by one of my all-time favorite books, The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. Those of you who have read it might remember Holden Caulfield's deceased younger brother named Allie. Allie was only 11 when he passed away from leukemia, and the only tangible piece of memory that Holden had left of him was the old, beat-up baseball mitt covered in poems written by Allie. This particular chapter somehow stood out to me the most. The baseball mitt symbolized the inspiration, innocence, and genuineness that Holden cherished about his brother Allie. It also motivated me to create art that captured the same genuineness, innocence, and the distinct overflow of inspiration that I have received from reading about the mitt that was clustered with poems.

Over the past few years, I've discovered my love of painting. My paintings focuses on simplifying the details of people and everyday life into plain black and white. I believe that as we grow up, our perspective of the world can no longer be thoroughly described as "this or that," but rather, life vaguely flows by in shades of gray and nothing feels as promising as it was when we were little. In my artworks, I aim to bring back that simple beauty and elegance we all have seen at one point of our lives--when society's pressures had no voice in our actions and when life was beautifully, and simply, black and white.

The art of drawing in realism is to draw what you actually see, not what you THINK you see. For example, we are conditioned to think that the average rose is red with green leaves. However, there are so many other different elements and shades of colors that can actually make the rose appear 3D and realistic. Think about how unreal it would be if every drawing of a rose excluded all of its original flaws and lifelike qualities. You will find that the practice of drawing in realism will contribute to how much more aware you will be of the slightest details of everything around you..whether it is the brand new set of wrinkles on your forehead or the gleam of purple from an average day's sunset that you never really noticed. Either way, all of life's flaws will suddenly appear to be more beautiful than you've ever given it credit for. :)

Oct 4, 2010

Oil on canvas

My 3rd-to-last commission for this year :) I'm going to be working on my own projects for a while.

Please note: All borders are always painted; my artworks are
best left unframed.

This is what my paintings look like before they actually become paintings.. Drawing it out is only half the battle, cause next is the tedious process of 5 - 10 hours of painting :(. However I have to admit that it is pretty fun to watch the painting come alive.

- anh [ 2:49 AM ]

Aug 27, 2010
(Click to view larger image)

A pen & pencil drawing of DJ Deadmau5.
Happy super duper late birthday to my friend Alan Ly!
Hope you had a good one

Pen, Mechanical pencil, Smooth Bristol

- anh [ 3:05 AM ]

Aug 24, 2010

One day, I want to look back on this blog post and say, "Damn, these measly business cards were the start of my entire career."

It will be a wonderful moment :)

Thank you VirusPrint ( for these awesome quality, eco-friendly cards. Green never goes out of style!

- anh [ 12:19 AM ]

Jul 18, 2010

Yup, another artwork. I'm just gonna keep`em comin!

This is a drawing of my beautiful best friend Lizeth Fernandez. I made this for her 18th birthday, and it took me a total of 9 hours to complete. It is drawn entirely out of pencil. This is actually my first time drawing a girl's hair! I was a bit worried at first but it turned out to be pretty satisfactory. She loved it! :)

Mechanical Pencil; 7b Graphic Pencil; Blending tools; Smooth Bristol

- anh [ 12:13 AM ]

Jul 15, 2010

I haven't touched this blog in the longest time.. so I thought I'd start again by showing you guys this fresh oil painting of my talented friend Brittney Au and her boyfriend.
She actually ordered this painting for their 2371637th anniversary. Definitely one of the cutest pairs I've seen by far!

18 x 24 Canvas, Oil

- anh [ 9:11 PM ]